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Sworn Translation

What is a Sworn Translation?

A sworn translation (also called a certified translation) is signed and stamped by a sworn translator in the country where the translation is to be used. The translator is sworn in front of the court in the associated country and has the right to endorse the translation of official documents.

Each sworn translator is publicly registered and recognized by the competent authority of the country in which they operate.

How Peter & Clark can help you get the Sworn Translations you need

Whether you need a business sworn translation such as business register or a private one such as the translation of a diploma, the Peter & Clark team is here to help! We historically have been providing sworn translations of RCS registers to our clients for their newly established funds.

We also help individuals in their administrative procedures by providing sworn translations of their diplomas, birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, and more.

Sworn translations of documents are officially accepted by the relevant local authorities.

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Typical Documents for which a Sworn Translation can be required

  • RCS
  • Diplomas
  • Birth/ Marriage Certificates
  • Official Documents
  • Family Record Books
  • Driving Licenses
  • Bank Statements
  • Court Rulings
  • Criminal Records
  • Documents needing Apostil

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Sworn Translation Case Studies

Corporate Sworn Translations


One of our clients is an international judicial officer and regularly requires sworn translations for documents needing apostil in the several open cases he operates. By having cases all around Europe, he juggles between different jurisdictions and thus needs documents to be available and certified in the country the case is developing.
The Peter & Clark team developed knowledge of our client’s business over the years and makes sure all translations requested by him are always sworn translations as it is what his business requires.


Sworn translation of Official Documents for Visa purposes


One of our private clients was in the process of filling in a Visa application to be able to move to the United States for two years to study.

He had various translation needs since most of his official documents were in French and the requested language for the Visa application was in English.

Peter & Clark was able to help provide sworn translations for the following documents:

  • Bank statements so he could prove his financial stability
  • Drivers’ license so he could apply for an international drivers’ license to be able to drive legally in the US

Our client was able to submit his paperwork on time and successfully obtained his visa!


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Sworn Translator
Sworn Translator