Your translation agency, your global communication partner.

We believe in borderless markets. We believe in contributing to the development of our clients’ new markets by providing them with a top-notch service. We believe in being more than a translation agency: a true multilingual communication partner for our clients.

We believe in qualitative communication, time efficiency and regulatory-compliant content. Client-facing documentation is your best asset to reach new clients regardless of language and culture. We bring you the language expertise to make this a reality both in consumer-focused communications and also in compliance-focused materials intended for regulatory review.

We believe that a translation agency can do much more than just translate.



“It is our goal to help our customers achieve their challenging multilingual communication objectives. We use project management expertise combined with technology to streamline the translation process. We believe strongly in providing superior service to our clients while maintaining a workplace environment our employees enjoy. Integrity in our business dealings, innovation in our approach and accountability in our results are our guiding principles.”

“We believe that outstanding performance in all our services can only be obtained by respecting our employees, listening carefully to our clients’ needs and committing to them, knowing that they represent the two pillars supporting Peter & Clark.”

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How do we do it?

Translation Agency

Process analysis and adaptation

Translation Agency

Global team of expert linguists

Translation Agency

Secure data handling and storage

Translation Agency

Specialized knowledge of our clients’ industries

Two Translation Agencies and a Tech Firm at your service

Translation Agency

Assisting financial and legal firms extend their message to a global audience.

Financial and legal translation agency for asset managers and other fund industry actors, banks, insurance professionals, law firms, Big Four, and more.

Translation agency

Communicating to all your clients, in their own language, in a way that makes sense. 

Creative and corporate translation agency for sectors such as automotive, high-tech, lifestyle, fashion, publishing, tourism, and more.

Translation Agency

Innovating in Translation Management Softwares and financial and legal Machine Translation.

Language technologies aimed at making the management of multilingual content easier by investing in software development and automated translation.

Language Translation Services & Solutions

Introducing Peter & Clark & their advanced translation solutions.

Bridging the Gap: Comprehensive Language Translation Services

In an era defined by globalisation, the importance of accurate, context-sensitive translations cannot be understated. Peter & Clark has distinguished itself as a beacon of excellence in this field. With a reputation built on precision, our language translation services are not just about converting words from one language to another; it’s about ensuring that every word carries the weight, nuance, and context of its intended message.

Central to our approach is the unique blend of traditional content localisation with transcreation services. This process ensures that every piece, be it for website translation or marketing collateral, resonates with its intended audience, recognising and honouring local customs, idioms, and cultural nuances.

Financial and Legal Expertise: A Cut Above the Rest

The financial and legal sectors are realms where precision isn’t just desired, it’s demanded. At Peter & Clark, we’re acutely aware of the intricacies involved in financial report translation and legal translation. Our dedicated team of experts specialises in annual report translation and various regulatory translations including the nuanced realm of PRIIPs KID translation.

Trust is paramount in these sectors, and our financial translation services have garnered the confidence of numerous international firms, thanks to our meticulous approach and unwavering commitment to accuracy. Our translators don’t just translate; they comprehend the profound complexities of finance and law, ensuring that every term, every phrase, and every nuance is perfectly positioned for its intended audience.

Embracing Modern Translation Technologies

In a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, keeping pace with technology is more than advantage, it’s a necessity. Peter & Clark’s commitment to innovation is exemplified in our investment in translation technology integration. Our machine translation services utilise state-of-the-art algorithms to provide quick and efficient translations, particularly beneficial for businesses requiring swift turnarounds.

Moreover, our translation memory tools ensure that translations are consistent across projects, helping businesses maintain a coherent brand voice in every language.

Peter & Clark is a powerhouse of linguistic expertise, technological prowess, and unparalleled commitment to precision. With an array of services from financial report translation to legal translation and cutting-edge language translation solutions, we are poised to meet the diverse needs of businesses in this globalised age. Every project, no matter its scale, receives our full attention and the benefit of our vast expertise, solidifying our position as leaders in the realm of multilingual documentation services. Choose Peter & Clark, and ensure your message is heard, understood, and respected, globally.

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Our history: how we grew into more than an International Translation Agency


As of today, Peter & Clark occupies an enviable niche in the multilingual communications market servicing the leading investment fund management companies, banks and other financial services companies. Our plans are to build on our success and grow strategically to meet our clients’ needs. We may have started out as just a translation agency but now Peter & Clark represents the forefront of multilingual service providers.


Technology and digital transformation:

2016 saw Peter & Clark diversify its activities into technology by creating another brand-new division: Peter & Clark – Technologies. The then 18-year-old translation agency reached a true innovation milestone, with this new firm continuously developing iTMS (Integrated Translation Management System) from then on. This tool enabled the two other firms to digitalize their process while offering clients an online access to their content and requests as well as reporting features.


Diversification of services:

In 2016, Peter & Clark responded to requests from clients to assist them with their more creative translations by creating a brand-new translation agency: Peter & Clark – Services. We believe that marketing translations should be dealt with differently than financial and legal translations. These require a different linguist recruitment process and translation capabilities and skills, which is why we created a more adapted business model to respond to our clients’ needs.


Growth and expansion:

By 2014, our business had grown beyond being just a translation agency into a full-service multilingual communication agency. We had outgrown our Luxembourg city office. We needed a space that reflected our values and was a true asset for our team’s well-being. We ended up moving in the Solarwind Building in Ecoparc Windhof for many different reasons.

Firstly, the building is strategically located and easily accessible to members of the team coming in from Belgium or Luxembourg. This dramatically reduced our CO2 emissions as most of the team now works closer to home. We are actually saving up nearly 8 tons of CO2 per year.

This move also allowed our team to gain in work-life balance. The building is located in a Natura 2000 area and allows our staff to enjoy the view and also exercise in the middle of nature when they are on a break.


Origins and early success:

Peter & Clark was founded in Luxembourg in 1998 and rapidly grew to become the international translation agency it is today.

Operating with the biggest financial hubs in Europe since that date, Peter & Clark – Multilingual Communication has been a major partner in the international development of renowned funds, asset managers, banks and other financial companies.

Its goal is to help its partners develop a more global communication, while reducing the time to market of their most critical documentation.