Financial Translation

Financial Translation

The need for Financial Translations 

Global financial organizations must effectively communicate with customers regardless of location. They also need to work with their own worldwide staff as well as government and regulatory agencies in multiple countries. Peter & Clark is focused on helping your business overcome these critical communication challenges by offering specialized financial translation.

Our global network of specialized, professional linguists is supported by a highly qualified team of in-house employees. Our linguists work in their native language only and are qualified translators with an academic degree. Each linguist concentrates on financial translation and knows its unique style, requirements, and regulations.

How Peter & Clark can help with your Financial Translations

Based in Luxembourg, Peter & Clark has played a dominant role in providing financial translation services to the investment management community in Europe and Northern America. Over the years we have built on this strength and broadened our expertise to include all aspects of financial communications. We work with banks, insurance companies, corporate financial departments and auditors, in addition to major investment funds.

Our partnerships make us one of the leading financial translation providers specialized in periodic financial reports (see Annual Report Translation). Our management team, customer service staff, in-house reviewers and carefully selected linguists have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the documentation, regulations and terminology specific to financial communication.

Whether you are an established asset manager, a bank, a financial advisor, a family office, a fin-tech or any other financial institution, we can help you build and maintain your communication into all the languages you need.

With us your material will be clear and will go straight to the point. If your products are complex, we’ll produce simplified explanations to grab your customers’ attention more quickly and hold their interest. We’ll add in a drop of emotion, as it is a vital element of any purchase. And lastly we’ll make every effort to ensure that they’ll remember you, your brand, and the selling points of your products.

The copywriters at Peter & Clark – Services know how to write the focused, incisive and powerful message you need to reach the market you are targeting. They know your company in depth. They are virtually a part of it.

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Typical Financial Documents translated

  • Periodic Financial Reports Translation
  • Fund Fact Sheets
  • Prospectuses
  • Key Investor Information Document (KIID)
  • Proxy Statements & Notices
  • Shareholder Communications
  • Auditor’s Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • IPOs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Compliance Documents
  • RFPs
  • Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Key Information Document (PRIIPs KIDs translation)

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Associated Services

To ensure the delivery of the best financial translation solutions, Peter & Clark offers the following services to clients:

* Not suitable for all projects. Please contact us for recommendations and more information.

Financial Translation Case Studies

Adapted Process for Financial Services client


One of our largest clients is a global financial data services company focused on helping their clients manage their financial data including their financial translation needs. They operate in 30+ countries and serve over 100 markets. The company is a leading provider of financial data services for institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals that provides superior asset and wealth management, asset servicing, issuer services, clearing services and treasury services through a worldwide client-focused team.

We entered into a partnership whereby Peter & Clark translates and typesets their financial periodic reports from English into 3 foreign languages, delivering within tight deadlines (700+ pages; 12 calendar days). This allows the client to issue all language versions of their reports simultaneously.


Implementation of KIID and PRIIPs KIDs requirements


The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) was introduced in July 2011 and is a requirement of the UCITS IV Directive. KIIDs were designed to replace the simplified prospectus for consumer communication within the EU. The KIID format and wording has been formulated by the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) with the objective of providing retail investors with a “plain language” document in order to facilitate the comparison between UCITS products. Directly involving our financial translation capacities and more particularly a large pool of our clients, this directive has been added to our offering.


The regulation (EU) No. 1286/2014 on key information for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) prescribes that “Before a PRIIP is made available to retail investors, the PRIIP manufacturer shall draw up for that product a key information document […] [which] shall be drawn up as a short document written in a concise manner and […] be clearly expressed and written in language and a style that communicate in a way that facilitates the understanding of the information, in particular, in a language that is clear, succinct and comprehensible.”


Peter & Clark undertook extensive research into KIID and PRIIPs KID requirements in order to build a process and optimize the production of multilingual versions, including plain language terminology databases. We particularly focus on country-specific aspects of the KIID and PRIIPs KID with regard to local legal, marketing and taxation requirements.


In addition, we offer plain language copywriting services on top of our translation services to enable asset managers and PRIIPs manufacturers to outsource the preparation and ongoing maintenance of their documents. Our goal is to assist leading companies in their communication to worldwide audiences in their native languages from the copywriting of source text through to the translation and distribution of multilingual versions.


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Financial Translation