Innovation in translation

Innovation In Translation

Innovative Translation Management Software and financial and legal Machine Translation

Peter & Clark – Technologies is the technology arm of Peter & Clark Group and is the outgrowth of our commitment to technologies designed to make the management of multilingual content more efficient. To that end Peter & Clark – Technologies has been created to commercialize our proprietary Translation Management System we call iTMS (integrated Translation Management System) and to continuously develop our innovation in translation technologies. iTMS is designed to be easy to use and highly adaptable, meeting the specific requirements of the industry. It has everything needed to efficiently manage translation projects. Peter & Clark – Technologies invests in new language technologies and research & development and focuses on innovation in translation technology.

Peter & Clark – Technologies’ Products

iTMS - Integrated Translation Management System


We believe in efficiently organizing ourselves to best serve our clients. Every multilingual communication project has its own challenges and specifications and we focus on making it easier for our partners every day by using innovation in translation. We developed iTMS internally, to ensure it would be adapted to our processes and enhance our productivity and efficiency. Cyber risk being one of our main concerns, our tool was built around security. We believe that optimizing our processes and simplifying our team’s work was the key to provide a continuously improved client experience, from start to finish. Since we believe efficiency is the future of our industry, we decided to share this with other Language Service Providers and Corporate Language Departments.

How did we do it? We created our proprietary translation management system in Luxembourg by gathering each and every employee’s as well as external partner’s insight. It was made by its users for its users. We made sure we developed a user-friendly interface which is easy to implement, has collaborative portals for both clients and vendors, is innovatively CAT-tool integrated, is compliant with security standards and remains cost effective. It was designed by a group of translation industry professionals with a combined experience of over 60 years in the field to meet the real-life challenges in translation production.

Introducing you to iTMS: Integrated Translation Management System. A tool allowing your team to manage vendors, projects, clients and invoices all on the same platform. It is Made in Luxembourg (Label awarded in 2018) and the infrastructure is web-based and can be hosted by you or us, it’s your choice. The interface is customizable to your preferences and is currently available in English, French and German.


Machine Translation


Our Machine Translation tools have been trained with over 20 years of existing financial and legal translations and represent our latest ongoing innovation in translation practices. Not recommended for client-facing documents, it can be used for punctual uses and mainly for understanding purposes.

So far, we have several language pairs available for use:

  • French to English
  • English to German
  • English to Spanish
  • English to French
  • English to Italian
  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English

We always recommend the use of our post editing services to ensure a good flow of any text translated with a machine.