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Translation Technologies, for who?

Evolving with a constantly changing market, making sure we were serving our clients using the best translation technologies available is central to our activity. However, we decided to go a step beyond and develop our own tools, based on our expertise and 20+ years of experience.

Peter & Clark Technologies is your partner in the use of language and translation technologies, whether you are a translation buyer or a translation seller. Innovation being at the heart of what we do, along with quality services, people empowerment and transparency, the creation of this new Peter & Clark arm made sense in 2016 and makes even more sense today.

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Our Translation Technologies

Computer Aided Translation tools and Automated Processes

To ensure a thorough analysis and translation work for each document we receive, we are using the best CAT tools and translation technologies on the market. These tools allow us to guarantee consistency with previously translated content, so that your new communication matches your approved one.

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We have automated many processes with most of our main clients, through system integrations, and also with the vendors, through our internally developed platform: iTMS. These processes are operated by our CTO and COO and are tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs. The language translation solutions we build are flexible and thus leave room for process changes on the client’s side. We are able to grow as fast as you, while being your partner along the way, thanks to our state-of-the-art translation technologies.


iTMS (Integrated Translation Management System)

Translation Technologies

We believe in efficiently organizing ourselves to best serve our clients. Every translation project has its own challenges and specifications and we focus on making it easier for our partners every day. We developed iTMS internally, to ensure it would be adapted to our processes and enhance our productivity and efficiency. Cyber risk being one of our main concerns, our tool was built around security. We believe that optimizing our processes and simplifying our team’s work was the key to provide a continuously improved client experience, from start to finish. Since we believe efficiency is the future of our industry, we decided to share this with other Language Service Providers and Corporate Language Departments.

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We created our proprietary translation management system in Luxembourg by gathering each and every employee’s as well as external partner’s insight. It was made by its users for its users. We made sure we developed a user-friendly interface which is easy to implement, has collaborative portals for both clients and vendors, is innovatively CAT-tool integrated, is compliant with security standards and remains cost effective. It was designed by a group of translation industry professionals with a combined experience of over 60 years in the field to meet the real-life challenges in translation production.


Introducing you to iTMS: Integrated Translation Management System. A tool allowing your team to manage vendors, projects, clients and invoices all on the same platform. It is Made in Luxembourg (Label awarded in 2018) and the infrastructure is web-based and can be hosted by you or us, it’s your choice. The interface is customizable to your preferences and is currently available in English, French and German.


What this Translation Technology can do for you


iTMS (Integrated Translation Management System) is designed to be user friendly and highly adaptable, meeting the specific requirements of the translation technologies industry. It has everything needed to manage the translation process:

  • built-in profiling for clients and vendors
  • estimate and project creation wizards
  • financial management and invoicing tools
  • client and vendor portals for collaboration
  • CAT-tool integration
  • customizable user interface
  • independently hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure

We designed iTMS to be easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that can be adapted quickly and simply to meet the specific requirements of any business with translation needs. It has built-in profiling for clients and vendors, an estimate and project creation wizard as well as a financial management and invoicing tool, and, of course, client and vendor portals for collaboration. In addition, the look and feel of the interface and exported documents — such as estimates and invoices — can be easily customized. In other words, it has everything you need to manage translation business from day one.

Its architecture is designed with built-in security features and is independently hosted on secure cloud infrastructures that meet client security requirements.

Peter & Clark offers iTMS to other members of the language services industry as well as other companies with important translation needs. And we want to do it in a revolutionary new way we are calling “Open Concept” software. Falling somewhere between “open source” and “closed source” we want to create a community of users who contribute to the roadmap of development, making iTMS a tool that reflects both the industry needs and your specific needs.

Moreover, we are taking a revolutionary approach to pricing, charging only one low flat fee for an unlimited number of users. This way the product will easily grow with you without having to take on increased costs as your business grows. Monthly subscriptions are also available.


Machine Translation

Our core business being highly specialized and dealing with critical client-facing content, we always
focused on facilitating our clients, vendors and customer relationship managers’ work
by investing in translation technologies. Automating processes by always making sure the human is still at the center is the vision we follow.

This being said, there are some cases where AI and machine translation can truly bring an added value for our clients. This is why we decided to develop our own machine translation engines.

Whether you need an urgent translation to understand a text, or just to get a rough idea of what is being said in a publication written in a language you don’t understand, we can help. We don’t recommend raw machine translation for client-facing or regulatory documents, but it can be used for quick turnaround projects where basic comprehension of the content is good enough.


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We developed our engines using a corpus of more than 20 years of financial translations to feed it. Mainly directed at professionals operating in the finance or legal industry, our machines can help you understand documents in the following language pairs:

  • French to English
  • English to German
  • English to Spanish
  • English to French
  • English to Italian
  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English

Should you need a little bit more than just a broad understanding, our team of post-editors is here to help as well by checking the machine-translated content and finetuning it for you.

For any document aimed for publication, we recommend the use of human translation coupled with our other translation technologies rather than machine translation services.


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Translation Technologies Case Study

Translation Process Automation for a client


Automation plays a significant role in the production of KIIDs & PRIIPs KIDs. The nature of these documents requires automation since standardized content is shared across hundreds individual documents. Peter & Clark has invested significantly in developing an adapted process to effectively manage this content to ensure consistency and efficiency to reduce the costs of production.

An example of a success story is our strategic partnership with a leading provider of independent investment research and data solutions. They provide data and dissemination services through a proprietary Content Management System with which we have programmatically integrated. This translation technology integration allows us to automate content extraction and then apply our linguistic expertise and language technologies (translation memory + terminology management). These tools allow us to smartly store, analyze, reuse and standardize content, which saves time and ensures long-term cost savings.


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Translation Technologies