Professional Translation Agency

Why work with our Professional Translation Agency?

Peter & Clark is not just a traditional translation agency, but a partner for the full range of multilingual communication services you need to extend your global reach. Peter & Clark started off as a classic professional translation agency, founded in 1998, and originally specialized in financial and legal translations. These are fields that require professionalism and in-depth knowledge and accuracy. We now stand as one of the premier professional translation agencies focused on financial and legal translation. We are proud to provide innovative services to some of the top European and US financial services companies.

Through delivering high-quality work to clients while meeting deadlines and budgets, Peter & Clark has developed over the years. From a local agency specialized in financial and legal translation, it grew into a bigger professional translation agency thanks to the addition of marketing translations and translation technologies to its service offering. This allowed us to expand the services we offer while continuously improving our processes thanks to new technologies.

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The primary benefits of partnering with a Professional Translation Agency like Peter & Clark

A thorough understanding of your market, whether you are a financial, legal or marketing professional.

Bringing improved time-to-market and compliance

A strong understanding of international cultural differences and linguistic nuances between countries.

Allowing effective communication to different markets while still conveying the original message

Language Technologies, used to smartly store, analyze, reuse and standardize content. Coupled with Process Automation to ensure seamless flow and collaboration.

Ensuring increased consistency and quality

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What our Professional Translation Agency brings to the table

Peter & Clark strives to be a true partner for your multilingual communication needs. This is why we offer a number of specialized services to make sure you get the high-quality service you need.

20+ years of experience


Since 1998, we have been able to build and constantly improve our process. We believe in innovating and always evolving as a team. As a professional translation agency, we put the people at the center of everything we do. We help our clients communicate effectively to their global audiences and we work with our worldwide team of expert linguists to do so. We value teamwork and transparency along the way, to make sure we deliver the best service, each and every day.


Worldwide Network of Linguists


The recruitment process of our linguists is central to our business. Peter & Clark’s streamlined recruitment allowed us to build a network of more than 3500 specialized linguists all over the world, and still growing! All of our team members have a translation degree with a specialization in the field we recruit them for, whether it is financial, legal, marketing or more. They also have at least five years of experience and are tested by our in-house team and existing pool of translators.


Innovative Technology


We have been developing our proprietary translation management system since 2016: iTMS. To be more than a professional translation agency and to become an all-in-one partner for our clients, we invested in this tool to facilitate safer file exchanges and to be able to give our clients real-time access to all of their written assets.

Our experience is also allowing us to develop Machine Translation tools, which are specialized in financial translations, using 20+ years of expertise in the field. Our goal is to innovate and use technology to enhance efficiency, consistency and quality.


Translation into 100+ Languages


As a professional translation agency, we offer translations in the four biggest language groups:

  • Western European languages
  • Central and Eastern European languages, including Russian
  • Nordic languages
  • Middle Eastern and Asian languages

All of these added up represent more than one hundred languages, accessible to you in one place.


Targeted Translation expertise


We believe that the added value of a professional translation agency is its specialization. We developed expertise in key strategic sectors including financial, legal, marketing and corporate communications. Our team developed a strong communication knowledge over the years, helping financial, legal and marketing professionals reach their markets, no matter what language they speak. Specialization is what allows us to travel the extra mile to satisfy our clients, who need consistent and top of the notch materials for their own clients.


One-stop Linguistic Service


We strive to deliver an all-in-one professional translation agency service every day, and more. Just send us the documents and tell us which languages you need them translated into, and our team takes care of the rest. We adapt to your processes. We make sure your tone of voice is respected by selecting the team that works best for your business. We also ensure the delivery of files formatted the way you like to receive them, while storing all of them safely on our servers. In other words, you produce great content, and we do the rest!


Price Transparency


We like to be fully transparent in the way our services are billed. This is why we provide all our clients with highly detailed quotes for their financial, legal and marketing translations.

On the technology side, we provide detailed cost overviews to teams purchasing or renting our iTMS, depending on the integration, hosting and support that best fits their business.


Secure File exchange


All of our servers are hosted in Europe and operated by our IT partner based in Luxembourg. Our internal team and our linguists handle all of our clients’ files with the highest confidentiality.

Whether our clients are using email or our iTMS platform to send us new projects, we are able to host their documents in a safe cloud-based environment. All files are accessible while being protected, all year long.


Multilingual Customer Support


Our in-house team is at your service and is able to respond to your needs in several different languages. We decided to offer our clients one main contact person to manage their projects.

This dedicated Client Relationship Manager knows your process, your style and tone of voice by heart. They are thus able to select the best-fitted translators for all of your projects. They know your team members and work with them every day, almost like a remote team member of your company. They make sure that everything runs smoothly. They also have a fully trained backup for when they are out of the office.


Terminology management


Once completed and published, your content never goes to waste! We manage everything we translate for you using Translation Memories and Glossaries. Any feedback you provide is reflected on all previously translated segments, which means any new translation will be consistent with your older ones while taking into account your latest corrections.

We use your existing list of preferred terms (or we help you set it up) so you can be sure your favorite translations are always used, even if you don’t have existing translation memories when you join us. This is all taken care of during your personalized onboarding process.