Creative Services

Creative Services

Copywriting, creating global-ready content from the start

Translation is one step in the continuum of communication that starts with the copywriting of a source text. Peter & Clark can assist you in originating the content to be made available in multiple languages. The advantage of involving us in the copywriting stage is that we can help you avoid wording that would be difficult to translate.

The process of managing the copywritten source content designed to go multilingual is often referred to as “internationalization” and is an approach taken by many global companies to better coordinate communications. We can involve experienced authors in any language to help you author polished written communications with a global audience in mind.

How we can help you with Copywriting

How do you find the right words to persuade and positively influence your clients? Our copywriters at Peter & Clark – Services will help you prepare engaging content that can influence your customers, conquer new markets, and increase your sales.

It begins by understanding your target audience both in terms of language and culture but also socio-economic and educational levels. This step is referred to as “localization” in that it makes your content appropriate for a specific locale. We will work with you to understand your brand and your goals to be able to communicate the entirety of your brand message across cultural barriers. By appealing to consumers intheir own language in a culturally sensitive way they’ll remember you, your brand, and the selling points of your products.

The copywriters at Peter & Clark – Services know how to write the focused, incisive and powerful message you need to reach the market you are targeting. They know your company in depth. They are virtually a part of it.

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Copywriting is a specialized form of writing for marketing and advertising purposes. Its intent is to persuade readers and draw their interest to your products and services. Copywriting skills are important in creating effective web presence. Peter & Clark can help you with expert copywriting services with internationalization as the ultimate goal. Of course, this will require a close collaboration with you. We will have to get to know you very well, and you will need to provide us with an in-depth briefing of your vision and strategy. We will work on transposing your ideas with the best possible words in every language.


SEO Copywriting


SEO copywriting is the art of writing web page copy that is appealing to human readers but also ranks well for specific search terms that people are looking for in search engines. Search engines have now become much more sophisticated, so the fundamentals of solid copywriting are more important than ever, and you should not neglect the impact of SEO.


Social Media Localization


Every type of social media is different – its format, its purpose, its subscribers.

To grab your customers’ attention you post information every day on social media, and as you know, your content is not necessarily presented in the same way on your blog as on your Pinterest account, for example.

The intended effect can also turn out very differently – a post on Facebook will generate interaction, or enable multimedia content to be shared, whereas Twitter will be best used for information to be looked up in real time, as well as for its viral potential.

Your social media strategy fits your business and the message you want to convey. And Peter & Clark can help you transform this message for each market you would like to reach.


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Creative Services Case Studies

Punctual Social Media Localization


One of our clients punctually communicates on their social media to let their followers know if a major event is happening in the industry they operate in.

This company communicates in four different languages and when they make a post, they publish on three different channels.

We sat down with our client’s creative team and learned about their message. As of today, we regularly translate the long version of their post into the four languages, and adapt it for each different channel where it will be distributed. For example, one of their social media platforms has a limited number of characters, which means the original text needs to be shortened while still conveying the same message.


Copywriting for Employee Bios


One of our oldest clients creates employee bios for each of their financial advisors, to help inform their customers as to their backgrounds and expertise. They asked Peter & Clark for help in making these profiles engaging.

Their most important request was that the process should be as seamless as possible for them.

Their dedicated CRM thus recruited a few copywriters, briefed them on the project and made sure to test them with a mock project. Since then, the selected copywriters use LinkedIn profiles and information available online to create fully rounded employee bios. Each time a new team member is hired, his or her bio is available in the next few business days!


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