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Two Translation Agencies and a Tech Firm at your service
Translation Agency

Assisting financial and legal firms extend their message to a global audience.

Financial and legal translation agency for asset managers and other fund industry actors, banks, insurance professionals, law firms, Big Four, and more.

Translation agency

Communicating to all your clients, in their own language, in a way that makes sense. 

Creative and corporate translation agency for sectors such as automotive, high-tech, lifestyle, fashion, publishing, tourism, and more.

Translation Agency

Innovating in Translation Management Softwares & Machine Translation.

Language technologies aimed at making the management of multilingual content easier by investing in software development and automated translation.

Comprehensive language translation solutions: a deep dive with Peter & Clark

The demand for effective language translation solutions has never been higher. Companies are constantly seeking ways to communicate seamlessly across borders, ensuring their content reaches diverse audiences. Peter & Clark stands out in this regard, offering a suite of language translation solutions that go beyond mere translation.

Peter & Clark's innovative approach to language translation solutions

At the heart of Peter & Clark's success in providing language translation solutions is our commitment to integrating advanced technology with human expertise. Their approach to translation is both innovative and rooted in years of industry experience.

Introduction to iTMS: a game-changer in language translation solutions

The iTMS, or integrated Translation Management System, exemplifies Peter & Clark's forward-thinking approach to language translation solutions. It's not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the translation process from A to Z. From real-time updates to seamless translation management, iTMS offers businesses a strategic advantage in the global market. The iTMS is described as a system that is not a "CAT Tool" (Computer Assisted Translation), but which uses the – features of a CAT Tool (like memoQ) to operate, especially for translation memory.

Features & integration :

  • Billing and quotation module.
  • Statistical extraction.
  • Comprehensive workflow management.
  • It was specifically developed for secure sensitive translation.

The iTMS can easily integrate with the content management and production tools of their clients thanks to its API functionality.

Online client portal: a cornerstone of language translation solutions

In the digital age, companies demand instant access to language translation solutions and information. Peter & Clark's online client portal is a testament to this need. It offers a centralized platform where clients can efficiently send translation requests, ensuring streamlined communication. This solution not only speeds up the translation process but also ensures that clients have a clear overview of their requests, fostering transparency and trust.

Project monitoring

The global business landscape is dynamic, with projects evolving rapidly. Peter & Clark's project monitoring tool provides clients with real-time insights into their ongoing and completed projects. This feature ensures that businesses can track the progress of their translations, ensuring timely deliveries and high quality outcomes. It's a testament to Peter & Clark's commitment to client satisfaction and project efficiency in language translation solutions.

Direct data exchanges

Seamless integration is the hallmark of modern business tools. Recognising this, Peter & Clark offer direct data exchanges with clients' Content Management Systems. This feature automates the translation process, reducing manual interventions and ensuring that translated content aligns perfectly with clients' digital platforms. It's a nod to the future of language services, where automation and integration reign supreme.


Budget constraints are a reality for many companies. Peter & Clark's platform is designed with cost-efficiency in mind. With no hidden user license fees and an interface that's both fast and easy to learn, clients are assured of a language translation solution that offers value for money. In a competitive market, this approach ensures that Peter & Clark stand out, offering premium services without the premium price tag.

Efficiency analysis and reporting

Informed decisions are the backbone of successful businesses. Peter & Clark's tools for efficiency analysis and reporting provide clients with valuable insights into their language translation solutions. By understanding workflow efficiencies and bottlenecks, companies can refine their strategies, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Easy access to files

Time is a precious commodity. Recognising this, Peter & Clark ensure that clients can quickly retrieve their translated content. Whether it's a marketing brochure or a legal contract, easy access ensures that businesses can operate without delays.


In an era of data breaches, cyber-security is non-negotiable. Peter & Clark prioritize the protection of clients' data, offering robust security measures that guard against cyber threats. It's a commitment to trust and integrity, values that are at the heart of Peter & Clark's ethos.

Customization: Tailoring language translation solutions to unique needs

Every business is unique, with distinct needs and challenges. Peter & Clark's iTMS can be tailored to meet specific client requirements. Whether hosted by Peter & Clark or on the client's servers, this customisation ensures that the language translation solutions align perfectly with business objectives.

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