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Two Translation Agencies and a Tech Firm at your service
Translation Agency

Assisting financial and legal firms extend their message to a global audience.

Financial and legal translation agency for asset managers and other fund industry actors, banks, insurance professionals, law firms, Big Four, and more.

Translation agency

Communicating to all your clients, in their own language, in a way that makes sense. 

Creative and corporate translation agency for sectors such as automotive, high-tech, lifestyle, fashion, publishing, tourism, and more.

Translation Agency

Innovating in Translation Management Softwares & Machine Translation.

Language technologies aimed at making the management of multilingual content easier by investing in software development and automated translation.

Excellence in Language Translation Services

Mastering Multilingual Communication

In today's interconnected global market, businesses aiming for international growth must prioritize effective multilingual communication. Having renowned professionals manage this aspect is crucial, as they understand the nuances and complexities of different languages and cultures. This expertise ensures that messages are not only accurately translated but also culturally relevant, maintaining the essence of the original communication.

Our Unique Approach in Language Translation Services

Our journey reflects a deep commitment to providing comprehensive language translation services that are not only accurate but also culturally and contextually relevant.

This approach is vital for maintaining brand integrity, ensuring legal and financial compliance, and effectively engaging diverse customer bases. Expert multilingual communication aids in avoiding costly errors and misunderstandings, thereby enhancing global business relationships and market expansion.

Specialisation in Finance and Law

Expertise in Financial Document Translation

Peter & Clark enhances its financial document translation services through the use of CAT-tools and translation memories, ensuring high efficiency and precision. These advanced tools aid in translating complex financial documents like annual reports, PRIIPs for KIDs, and prospectuses with meticulous accuracy. Their expertise also extends to translating shareholder communications, financial statements, and compliance documents, crucial for conveying every detail accurately in a sector where precision is paramount. This approach guarantees consistency and exactitude, particularly in documents essential for investor communication and regulatory compliance.

Legal Translation: Precision and Compliance

In legal translations, the firm leverages these technologies to navigate and accurately reproduce legal jargon. This approach ensures the integrity of the original text is maintained in translations of contracts and legal briefs, which is vital for legal proceedings and documentation. These tools not only improve efficiency but also ensure consistency and compliance in all translated materials.

Peter & Clark's expertise in legal translation extends to a wide range of documents. They effectively handle contracts, cross-border deals and disputes, summons, and legal disclaimers, ensuring each document's legal integrity. Confidentiality agreements and intellectual property documents are treated with utmost care, maintaining the sensitive and proprietary nature of the content. Additionally, they skillfully translate correspondence and notifications, litigation documents, witness statements, and legal marketing materials, ensuring that the legal nuances and terminologies are accurately conveyed. This comprehensive approach in legal translation showcases their dedication to delivering high-quality and legally sound translations.

Marketing and Transcreation: Beyond Translation

The Art of Transcreation

In marketing, it's not just about translating words; it's about transcreating them. Our services in this area include website translation, newsletters, and advertising campaigns, where we ensure the original message's tone, style, and intent are perfectly adapted to each target market.

Local Content with Global Appeal

We excel in content localization, an integral part of our language translation services. This involves adapting content to resonate culturally and linguistically with each target audience, ensuring that marketing campaigns are as effective globally as they are locally.

Sector-Specific Translation Excellence

Automotive Industry Translation Needs

The automotive sector presents unique challenges, from regulatory compliance to innovative marketing. Our language translation services cater to these needs, ensuring technical accuracy and engaging marketing translations.

Lifestyle and Fashion: Translating Trends

In the fast-paced world of fashion and lifestyle, our language translation services keep up with the latest trends, offering translations that are as stylish and relevant as the content they represent.

High-Tech Industry: Translating Innovation

For the high-tech industry, our language translation services are about more than just words. We translate complex technical documents, ensuring they're accessible and understandable to a global audience.

Innovating Language Services: How Peter & Clark's iTMS Enhances Translation Precision and Effectiveness

Bespoke Services for Every Sector & Technology-Enhanced Translation Efficiency

Integrating cutting-edge technology, Peter & Clark revolutionises language translation services. Our proprietary software iTMS is designed to handle large-scale projects efficiently, a boon for multinational corporations and international banks.

Technology Dedicated to Translation: A Focus on iTMS

Peter & Clark's mastery in language translation services is further exemplified by their development of iTMS (Integrated Translation Management System), an innovative translation management software. This proprietary system, created by gathering insights from both internal employees and external partners, is a testament to their commitment to efficient and effective translation processes.

iTMS stands out for:

  • Its user-friendly interface,
  • Collaborative portals for clients and vendors,
  • Integration with CAT-tools & Translation memory.

It's designed to be adaptable, meeting the specific requirements of different industries and clients. This adaptability ensures that Peter & Clark can grow alongside their clients, providing tailored language translation solutions that can evolve with the changing needs of their business.

One of the key strengths of iTMS is its focus on security, a crucial aspect considering the sensitive nature of financial and legal translations. By optimizing processes and simplifying the work of their team, Peter & Clark ensures a continuously improved client experience from start to finish.

The iTMS system offers a range of functionalities such as:

  • Built-in profiling for clients and vendors,
  • Estimate and project creation wizards,
  • Financial management and invoicing tools,
  • A customizable user interface.

All of these features are hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the data.

The combination of iTMS and translation memory illustrates Peter & Clark's comprehensive approach to language translation services. By leveraging these advanced technologies, they are able to deliver high-quality, consistent translations while meeting the specific needs of their clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance with Translation Services

Navigating Complex Regulatory Environments

In sectors where compliance is non-negotiable, our language translation services excel in delivering accuracy and adhering to regulatory standards, mitigating risks for our clients.

Accuracy in Every Word

Our commitment to precision in language translation services is unwavering. We ensure that every translated document is a true reflection of its original, in both language and intent.

Building Global Brand Presence Through Translation

Expanding Your Brand Globally

Our language translation services are pivotal in helping clients build and sustain a global brand presence, ensuring that your message resonates with audiences worldwide.

Local Insights with a Global Perspective

Peter & Clark’s unique combination of global reach and local expertise in language translation services ensures that your brand’s message is both globally appealing and locally relevant.

The Peter & Clark Commitment

A Partner in Global Communication

Choosing Peter & Clark for language translation services means partnering with a leader committed to your global success. We translate not just languages but also ideas and values, helping your business thrive in the international market.

Your Voice Across Borders

Trust Peter & Clark to be the voice that carries your message across borders with our expert language translation services. We are dedicated to ensuring clarity, compliance, and connection in every translated word.

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